Great range of projects on SF Professional

We’re just back from running module 3 of the latest SF Professional certificate course, which was a real blast.  The participants each pick a project to apply their SF skills, and we had updates from everyone.  There were some very impressive stories, in areas such as

  • Dealing with ‘initiative-itis’ (too many initiatives, not enough change) in the public sector
  • An strategy awayday for a university-based multi-stakeholder group
  • Using SF to lead selling conversations in the technology sector
  • Designing a workshop to help business owners discover how to make the most of their assets
  • Emerging learning from an upcoming coach
  • Coaching L&D professionals in the financial sector
  • Helping small business owners develop their operations
  • Writing a book on leadership in a business school context
  • Becoming an even more effective team coach in the oil/gas industry

Everyone is making great progress, and all look forward to the project review day in May.  The next SF Professional course starts 31 March-1 April at Missenden Abbey near High Wycombe, Bucks.  You could join us and work on your own project – from your real work – as part of your SF learning.  More details at

Remember the Early Bird discount rate expires on March 2, so book before then.


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