Wonderful responses from 2008 SF Pro participants

I have just been going through the written feedbacks from the participants on our most recent SF Professional course (Autumn 2008).  Because the three-module structure gives plenty of time for in-between learning and application, the group has just finished their third module and are now into the project report stage.  As part of the process, participants design and implement an SF evaluation for their own course.  Here are some of the responses they generated:

What did you like about the course?

  • The respect and care – working respected trainers with intellectual background.  The project based learning was well structured and paced.
  • It was totally engaging; inclusive; no clock watching; constant new knowledge; brilliant material.
  • Great people (presenters & colleagues); the companionship; good balance of talk & participation; theoretical & practical – handouts excellent; modules well spaced to allow ideas to settle and to put them into practice.
  • Mark & Jenny are in a class of their own – great facilitators!
  • Great event structure; first rate facilitation; excellent group dynamics; challenging and exacting concepts; magnificent learning atmosphere; Mark & Jenny make learning easy.
  • Value for money; fantastic teachers; well paced – each module and overall; support offered offline throughout

What did you learn?

  • I learnt so much I still can’t take it all in; better than any learning I’ve ever done before.
  • There was a huge rise in my confidence levels; being prepared to use SF ideas in normal conversation and to try new things
  • I initially thought I knew a lot, then I realised I had loads to learn and now I feel I have the grounding to do that learning (particularly the theoretical stuff which gives background)
  • Too much to list; SF questions; productive listening; application to consulting & coaching; the SF tools
  • Clear and in depth explanations of SF & coaching; importance of language; reference to books, philosophy etc which inspires me to do my own research

What impact has the programme had on your work?

  • I am more bold in the way I approach consultancy projects.  I have no fear of operating in the new mode.
  • I’m a better coach & facilitator; I’ve had at least 3 incredible successes so far as well as ideas for evaluation & mediation.
  • I’m more positive with colleagues; much more flexible; listen more and better; more available to colleagues who have noticed a positive change.
  • I tried it out with clients and have experienced whole new dimensions to my clients and me.
  • Wow! A complete life change… I have excitement at my potential for helping others and am enjoying the energy and creativity this excitement brings.
  • My students own their own learning which becomes transformational for them.
  • Simply put SF has liberated me – it has completely redefined the way I approach the way I do things,  I know now that there is no shame in not being the expert.

The next SF Professional course starts on 31 March – 1 April 2009 at Missenden Abbey, Bucks – more details at http://www.sfwork.com/jsp/index.jsp?lnk=440.  Early bird discounts available until March 2.


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