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10 things you didn’t know about Jenny Clarke

Jenny is co-director of sfwork.  A new page on the website reveals 10 things you (probably) didn’t know about Jenny…

New audio on SF negotiation

You can hear an interview about SF negotiation with Shakya Kumara on our website at  Mark and Shakya talk about why SF offers a great way to more effective negotiating, for both experienced negotiators and newcomers.  There is also a money-off offer for our negotiation course on 16-17 June 2009.

Mark’s latest article – Project review booster

Mark’s latest article from Coaching At Work magazine is now available here.  It’s aimed at the Manager-as-Coach (but useful for all SF coaches and consultants as well) and it’s about how to apply SF to after-action reviews.  We call this the Project Booster method!  Read it at,

EDGe group meeting: Leadership, large group SF, action learning and more

Friday 6th March saw the first meeting of our EDGe practitioners group in 2009.  24 graduates from sfwork‘s various trainings over the years gathered in Cheltenham to update, share experiences and work on challenges together.  During the morning sfwork co-director Mark McKergow outlined his latest thinking on leadership – developing the metaphor of Leader as Host and Host as Leader with four new balances for hosts/leaders to be aware of.

The afternoon was given over to addressing issues and challenged brought by the participants.  This opportunity to keep working and developing on using SF is a key benefit of the SF Professional course.  Topics raised and discussed this time included: Continue reading →

News report about our coaching work in the NHS

The sfwork team have been working with Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust (AWP) for just under a year now.  The new issue of Coaching At Work features a news item written by the editor about this work, with comments from Justine Faulkner, deputy director of HR.  You can read the article on the CaW website at

The text of the article runs:

Avon calls on solution-focused coaching to restore confidence

Describes a coaching initiative at Avon & Wiltshire Mental Health Partnerships NHS Trust which is boosting managers’ performance and confidence. Continue reading →

Latest newsletter now out – Spring 2009

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