Mark’s latest article – Project review booster

Mark’s latest article from Coaching At Work magazine is now available here.  It’s aimed at the Manager-as-Coach (but useful for all SF coaches and consultants as well) and it’s about how to apply SF to after-action reviews.  We call this the Project Booster method!  Read it at,


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  1. Mark,
    Many thanks for your article, I thought you might like to know I’m working with marketeers for one of the world’s largest software companies who wanted a way of capturing learning after a (usually very expensive) marketing campaign, so have used the Project Booster there.

    I also really valued the article on your website regarding the use of scaling with leaders and thought my experience with something similar might be of use to SF folk to.

    The client wanted to run a session with the exec team where the group would explore the 40 (yes forty) competencies in their framework and then decide which ones to focus on in the coming year.

    In the planning stage, the client set aside 2 hours for this process…and I was starting to think it would be as dull as the proverbial ditch water. Anyway as luck would have it, we had much less time so I offered to design a much better process.

    Firstly we narrowed the competencies down to the top 20 using a simple ticking process. The with the CEO watching, I asked the rest of the exec team to use physical scaling with one wall at 0 and the other at 100. Then for each competency they were asked to stand in relation to ‘How competent they felt the organisation was overall’ and then secondly, how important is this individual competency for the organisation over the next 12 months.

    It took 20 minutes including short commentary from the execs. And the CEO was able to notice some stark patterns resulting in a developing programme for leaders based around 4 competencies. Job done!

    Thanks once again and continue the great work.



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