SF Conflict Resolution training – a great success

Our SF conflict management training on 21-22 April was a great success.  sfwork’s Antoinette Oglethorpe led the group through inputs, exercises, activities and reflections about her PARTNER model of conflict resolution in the workplace, we exploredsituations about both line managers and meditators resolving conflicts, and the sun shone brightly over the beautiful Buckinghamshire countryside at Missenden Abbey so much of the work took place out of doors. 

The participants were keen to voice their appreciation and approval of the event.  Comments included:

“PARTNERing for Success meets all the criteria for effective training – simple, practical and most of all effective.  We will be using this model immediately in my workplace”  Simon Jackson, Family Action
“Excellent course.  I would certainly consider future SF courses and can use the thoughts and ideas in my everyday work.”
  Mike Havelock, facilitator

“An excellent varied course which encourages thinking, prior knowledge and experience and released energy.  Also gives confidence to go and do it.  A wonderful and inspirational course.” Carole Waskett, Bolton Primary Care Trust

“A very thorough and enjoyable course.  It was great to apply SF tools in this way.”  Sophie Cook, consultant

Our next special application training is SF Negotiation on 16-17 June 2009.  Full details and special offers at http://www.sfwork.com/jsp/index.jsp?lnk=460.  Come and join us – no prior knowledge of SF is needed for these courses, and there is also a lot of learning on offer for experienced SF practitioners.



2 responses

  1. I am sure that the said training helped you a lot in dealing with conflicts and resolving it the best ways.

  2. Dear Sir,
    i will be happy if you can send me information about your upcoming training.
    thank you,

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