New SF journal InterAction – first issue

Last week saw an important moment in the development of SF as an international movement with an ever-wider reach.  The journal Interaction was launched, the first academic puInterAction 1-1 coverblication to focus on the SF approach in organisational work.  The journal is part of the exciting new SFCT organisation ( – more about that in a later post.

I must here reveal a personal interest – I am on the editorial team of InterAction, along with my SFCT colleagues Kirsten Dierolf, Anton Stellamans and Carey Glass.  We have an excellent Editorial Advisory Board to help us (details of them are at 

The contents are also first-rate, including

  • Welcome to InterAction
  • Introducing SFCT Kirsten Dierolf

Peer-reviewed Papers

  • SF Conflict Management in Teams and in Organisations Fredrike P. Bannink
  • Exploring What Works: Is SF the best way of harnessing the impact of positive psychology in the workplace? Carey Glass
  • The Grammar of Neuroscience Kirsten Dierolf and Mark McKergow

Classic SF Paper

  • Some Thoughts on Language Use in Therapy Steve de Shazer (1997)


  • Making it Happen with your Team Paul Z Jackson and Colin Coombs


  • Gale Miller: The man behind the mirror behind the mirror at BFTC Mark McKergow

Book Reviews

  • Barbara Fredrickson: Positivity Mark McKergow
  • Rosamund and Benjamin Zander: The Art of Possibility Tricia Lustig
  • Richard Nesbitt: Intelligence and How to Get It Coert Visser


  • Clues 1.0: How do we notice that a piece of work is using the SF approach?

You can download the peer-reviewed papers, the case and the interview for FREE at the website  I also have a few paper copies to give away to promote the SFCT – these will be available at the UKASFP conference in a couple of weeks time, do get in touch if you would like one.  In future, the journal will go to members of SFCT – anyone can join, details of the benefits are at and you can join at


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