SF Negotiation – the new ‘Getting To Yes’

Shakya Kumara and I ran our latest SF negotiation course last week at Missenden.  This was a public course, and even though we had a small group it seemed to me as if the material and ideas are coming together very well indeed.  Shakya has built on all the great work of Fisher and Ury from Getting To Yes and their subsequent books, refined the messages and added extra oomph in the way of SF ideas and processes.

The participants worked on a variety of scenarios and also brought some cases and negotiations of their own.  We worked on a sales negotiation as one of the examples, which was a great success – in particular for the person concerned!  By the end of the two days we had figured out that this is not just a negotiation training, but something for anyone entering a difficult set of discussions where a good outcome is sought for all parties. 

“I’m extremely pleased I attended the SF negotiation course.  It has given me some brilliant insights and opportunities to practice negotiation which I will be able to use both professionally and personally.”

John Doorbar, ECE-Euro, Germany

There won’t be another public event this year, but we are very keen to develop these ideas more with in-house work and are already in discussion with potential clients.  To discuss how the ART and MAGIC of SF negotiation might help you, get in touch for a free discussion.  Read more about it and listen to Shakya and me discussing it at http://www.sfwork.com/jsp/index.jsp?lnk=460 .


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