FREE webinar 4 November now with online booking

Our next Discover Solutions Focus webinar will be held using new software that allows online booking.  All you need to do is click on the link and you’ll be enrolled, receive full details of how to dial in and log in, and even get reminders a day and an hour before the event.  The next webinar is Wednesday 4th November 2009 at 18.00 GMT (UK time).  For full details and to book online with a single click, go to

This is an excellent opportunity to introduce colleagues and friends to the powerful and positive SF approach – and they get to hear about it directly from Dr Mark McKergow himself.  Please pass news of this wonderful FREE webinar opportunity to others. 

Space is limited.
Reserve your Webinar seat now at:

  • Are you trying to make progress in complicated and unclear situations?
  • Do you want to get things moving quickly?
  • Do you want to motivate and align your team?
  • Do you struggle with having difficult conversations at work?
  • Do you want to lead change with pinpoint precision?

Solutions Focus (SF) is an approach to change that is causing companies worldwide to sit up and take notice. Its primary focus is on uncovering and building on what is already working well – even in areas that are failing. Whether you’re a manager, a team leader, a coach or a consultant, you can use SF to generate immediate results.

“SF is brilliant – it helps me support the business, turn around negative situations and help even our high-performing employees to deliver better results. Asking great questions in meetings has also helped me get noticed – great for my career!”
Antoinette Oglethorpe, European Learning & Organizational Development Director, XL Capital Ltd

During this one-hour interactive webinar with Dr Mark McKergow you will:

  • Discover the distinctive simplicity of the SF approach
  • Hear how it’s in use with organisations all over the world
  • Find out many different applications of SF
  • Learn about the six basic SF tools – which you can start to put into practice right away
  • Work out how SF can help you and your organisation

Our workshops are always interactive, and these webinars are no exception – you will have the opportunity to ask questions. You will also discover a whole range of resources on using SF within organisations and elsewhere.

The SF approach is sometimes compared to Appreciative Inquiry. Both methods focus on what’s working; many people prefer SF for its incisive simplicity and applicability in all kinds of situations, big and small. Coach Jilly Shaul comments

“quite the most powerful technique I’ve come across and one that really speaks to me”
Jilly Shaul, Life Coach

Space is limited.
Reserve your Webinar seat now at:


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