Coaching with OSKAR – a great way for managers to learn SF

One of the courses we run in-house a lot is ‘Coaching with OSKAR’.  For those who don’t yet know, OSKAR is the simple SF coaching process originally designed by Mark McKergow (me) and Paul Z Jackson for a project around 1999-2000.  The client, a leading food manufacturer, wanted a coaching process which wasn’t GROW and which encouraged the sharing of know-how as well as process coaching.  We came up with OSKAR, which has been developing fans and enthusiasts ever since. 

OSKAR stands for:

  • Outcome – what’s wanted – for the topic and the session, in general and then in detail
  • Scale – on a scale from 1-10, where are you now?  Mmmm….
  • Know-how – what do we (the client, the coach, others) know about how to do this?  What helps?  What else?  Who else is good at this?  What do they do?  etc
  • Affirm and Action – what’s impressive so far, what small actions can be taken next (which includes finding more know-how)
  • Review – what’s better

This is a process which can be learned quickly and put into practice.  Even better, each of the elements can be used as a tool, so people don’t even need to stick to the process as defined!  A great place to start with SF in the rush of the workplace environment.  Read about our success with it in the NHS –

Also, read Mark and Jenny’s white paper on OSKAR on our articles page at  And read more in the second edition of The Solutions Focus – in our online shop at, or in any online bookseller worldwide.


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