Tackling New Year resolutions with SF

An article in the Guardian newspaper by Richard Wiseman, our favourite professor of psychology, has highlighted some do’ s and don’ts about tackling New Year resolutions.  Wiseman has conducted a study about what helps people actually carry out their good intentions. 

Focussing on the downside of not changing, simply attempting to supress cravings and merely visualising success were not found to be a reliable route – even though these ideas are regularly pushed by self-help gurus. 

More success was had by those who broke their goals down into smaller steps, told friends about their goals (growing in the interaction), focused on the benefits of success and kept a progress diary.  Sounds like a good SF recipe to me! 

You can read the Wiseman article at http://tinyurl.com/yzr3n3v .  Happy New Year!!


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