Benefits from attending SF Professional

We had a great time this week at the third module of the SF Professional course.  As always, the 10-strong group formed great bonds and working relationships as they supported each other by coaching, reflecting, sharing ideas and affirming.  It always amazes me quite how much energy and strength develops when people use SF processes in a concerted way.

One of our activities in module 3 is to design and implement an SF evaluation of the programme.  One of the elements proposed by the group was to do a reflecting team activity to share the benefits attained by the different participants, and I was again amazed and stunned at the breadth of what emerged:

  • A guided tour of the breadth and depth of SF thinking, and a collection of tools which have become part of my daily practice
  • I’m confident I can deal with anything clients throw at me – I know where to start (if not where things will ultimately go)
  • I’m exploring new avenues at work – new ways of working in an old environment
  • It has made my world bigger: I see more possibilities and that I’m part of them, and it has given me more courage to do things and position myself in the future I want
  • I’m more self-reflective and aware of my own interactions and language
  • Meeting such a great group of people – we have all supported each other and will continue to do so
  • It has had a massive impact on my life – it’s much wider than just a course, I now have confidence in my wider understanding of what to focus on for results

So it looks as if our SF Professional course is not just a great and thorough exploration of ways to use SF ideas at work, it’s also a springboard for the participants to move themselves on in terms of their work, their relationsips, their aspirations and their next steps.  Wow.

The next programme starts 27-28 April 2010 at Missenden Abbey – more details at  I am also running a free webinar about SF and the programme on Wedneday 24 March at 18.00 GMT – details at


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