SF Negotiation – FREE white paper and special offer

SF Negotiation, Central London, 30 June / 20 July 2010

Negotiation – it’s something most of us approach with some trepidation. After all, there can be a lot of money or an important relationship at stake.

Now you can apply the positive power of Solutions Focus to negotiations – confidently building results and relationships at the same time. We have found great benefits in all the everyday conversations of business and management as well as when clinching crucial deals.

Sometimes you can negotiate quickly. Sometimes you can get what you really want. And sometimes you know you’ve built a good solid working relationship. But how often can you get all three?

The MAGIC negotiation model – our latest SF application – is all about creating agreements both sides want to keep, while building good relations and not wasting any time in the process. There’s a clear structure that makes negotiation quick, easy and enjoyable to learn. People often report dramatic increases in confidence from just a little practice with MAGIC.

“MAGIC negotiation does exactly what it says on the tin – two days of logical progression through to a series of negotiation techniques which are indeed magic.” – Paddy O’Brien, author, and director of Lifelab Ltd

New for 2010 we are offering a time-efficient 2 x 1-day format in Central London, on 30 June and 20 July. You’ll learn the basic approach on the first day, put it into practice and then reflect and expand your skills on the second day, about three weeks later. Early bird price for the whole course is just £399 before the end of May.

You can now download our 2-page White Paper on SF Negotiation by sfwork’s Shakya Kumara and Mark McKergow. You’ll get more details and extra discount offers for the course. To book, call us on 08453 707145.

Click here for full details on our website.


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