Join the Happiness Challenge – building better workplaces in Bristol (starts Nov 9)

I have been working with the very splendid Happy City initiative ( in Bristol.  Mike and Liz Zeidler and their colleagues are seeking to build a happier city by applying various happiness initiative and ideas, from various sources including postitive psychology and appreciative inquiry.  They are also big fans of SF, and were very keen to work with SF ideas in their latest development, the Happiness Challenge. 

We are looking to engage business and organisations in Bristol into the Happiness Challenge to learn about happiness and start on a journey towards a happier workplace.  The data is unequivocal – happiness is no laughing matter!  A happier workforce has been widely demonstrated to be more: productive, loyal, responsible, creative, efficient, resilient, self reliant and collaborative. Happiness is also shown to correlate with lower carbon usage and greater community cohesion and equality. It can be at the heart of better HR, CSR, PR, organizational development and leadership.

The Happiness Challenge gives you the chance to put your business on the Happiness Map and inspire positive action throughout your organization from the word GO!  I will personally be working with the Happy City team on the initial programme, starting on 9 November 2011.  This will include three one-day sessions, an in-house consulting session, weekly learning updates and interactions in our online forum and a wonderful experience for the participants both in terms of their own workplaces and in connecting with others.  Read the online pdf brochure at  For more information and to book places, call Mike Zeidler on 07836 706978.


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