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SF and Kaizen – not all small steps are equal?

Last year I was lucky enough to be lead facilitator at the TED Fellows Collaboratorium event in New Orleans.  The event was to bring together the brilliant young TED Fellows group with coaches and mentors, working on real issues in quite large groups – something of a facilitational challenge. As part of my role I wrote a facilitators’ guide, stressing (as I usually do) the importance of small steps in building a bridge between a challenging situation and a workable way forwards.

The main organiser of the event made a few changes to the guide, adding the word Kaizen (in brackets) after ‘small steps’, so it read ‘small steps (Kaizen)’.  This got me wondering… how are these two philosophies related? Continue reading →

New video – the different logics of problem-solving and solution-building

I am often asked about SF and whether it’s a problem-solving approach.  My answer is that while you can certainly work with problems using SF, it works in a different way.  This 5 minute video show how it’s different, and how both solution-building and problem-solving may be effective in different situations.  Choose wisely!

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