Learning SF – latest online class starts 15 September 2012

You may have read something about the Solution Focused approach, perhaps even tried it out… but how to get first-class learning in applying SF thinking and practice to your work?  Mark McKergow’s latest online course, SF Business Professional, is starting on 15 September 2012.  Run in association with the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee (the home of SF therapy), the class brings together people from all over the world in discussion, activities, practice, reading, coaching, project work and exploring SF thinking as well as practice in the organisational world. 

The course is very flexible, almost everything can be fitted in around your exisiting work and life.  You’ll be working with Mark himself, the acknowledged world leader in organisational use of SF as well as a thought leader in the whole SF field.  You’ll do exercises with new friends on Skype, you’ll extend and stretch your understanding of the SF paradigm, and you’ll apply SF to your own work challenges right from the start – so every well you’ll not only learn SF but move forwards with your life’s challenges too!

Download the PDF brochure from http://www.sfwork.com/downloads/SFProSept12.pdf and sign up today.  Remember that there is $300 discount for signing up by 15 August 2012.  More details on the sfwork website at http://www.sfwork.com/jsp11/index.jsp?nnk=110.  Contact Mark at mark@sfwork.com with any questions about the course.  For sign-ups email Mary Pick at mpick@uwm.edu.


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