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Book review – Psychology for the Third Millenium

I have a book review coming up in the next issue of InterAction (Vol 4, No 2), which may shed some light on current discussions in SF circles about ‘is the mind social’.

Psychology for the Third Millenium: Integrating Cultural and Neuroscience Perspectives

Rom Harré and Fathali M Moghaddam

Sage Publications, 2012, 312 pages, ISBN 978-0-85702-269-1,£30.99 (pbk)

Review by Mark McKergow Continue reading →

Host Leadership – soft power discussion and telecall

Mark’s project exploring the metaphor of ‘leader as host’ has taken an important step forward. His new website has opening, including community discussion facilites as well as a revised new paper exploring the topic, available for FREE download. Go to right now and sign up to get news and updates as the project develops. Continue reading →

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