Exciting news – revamped SF Business Professional certificate starts 21 March 2021

  • Do you want to help create positive change in your team, department or organization? 
  • Do you want to energize your people as you tackle challenges together? 
  • Do you want to get things moving quickly, even in complex and touch situations? 

Then the Solution-Focused approach is for you!

The Solution-Focused Business Professional (SFBP) Certificate focuses on learning and applying the tools and techniques of the Solution-Focused (SF) approach. This approach to change first appeared as a form of brief therapy, and was pioneered in organisations by course instructor Dr Mark McKergow of the Centre for Solutions Focus at Work.  Mark is the author of the best-selling The Solutions Focus: Making Coaching and Change SIMPLE as well as being a coach and consultant himself for 30 years.  His latest book The Next Generation of Solution-Focused Practice (2021) further refines the approach, offering new twists and refinements for even greater effectiveness.

The SF approach allows managers, coaches, consultants and facilitators to enhance their skill sets to:

  • Build on what is working rather than fixing what isn’t
  • Inviting people into a better future rather than seeking blame in the past
  • Looking for small, even tiny, steps as opposed to grand action plans.

Using this powerful and pragmatic approach, you work directly with Mark McKergow himself to address real-world problems specific to your organization’s needs. Following this 16-week online program, you achieve a full understanding of the SF method and use it to address situations that all business professionals face.

“My confidence in using SF in organization setting has moved up significantly. I feel that I have all the skills and tools to handle assignments in demanding situations such as team coaching and organizational consulting.”

“I thought that I was quite good at coaching but now I feel more confident about how I can ask questions in the specific moment, jump between all the tools, and have also a deeper understanding about SF in general and compare to other ways of working with coaching. “

Learning Outcomes

•             Understand how to work effectively with tough, complex, changing issues in your workplace

•             Learn a robust methodology to address problems in an individual, team and organizational context

•             Apply the six Solution Focused principles to your coaching and managerial practices

•             Evaluate your current workplace projects using the SF approach

•             Create a strategy to implement real, positive change in a wide range of work settings

“You have many opportunities to apply the learning with fellow participants and in so doing develop closer friendships across an international community. Regular meetings with a world leader in SF and the course facilitator, Mark McKergow, is the icing on the cake.”

Contact Mark at mark@sfwork.com with any questions and to get a $100 discount when you sign up. This course WILL change your work (and your life) in all kinds of ways. Join us now. For more details go to sfwork – Online SF Professional certificate.

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