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Dan Gilbert on how much we change all the time…

This is a great short (six minutes) TED talk about how change is happening all the time; my favourite way of summing up solution focused work. Enjoy and comment please.


SF and Kaizen – not all small steps are equal?

Last year I was lucky enough to be lead facilitator at the TED Fellows Collaboratorium event in New Orleans.  The event was to bring together the brilliant young TED Fellows group with coaches and mentors, working on real issues in quite large groups – something of a facilitational challenge. As part of my role I wrote a facilitators’ guide, stressing (as I usually do) the importance of small steps in building a bridge between a challenging situation and a workable way forwards.

The main organiser of the event made a few changes to the guide, adding the word Kaizen (in brackets) after ‘small steps’, so it read ‘small steps (Kaizen)’.  This got me wondering… how are these two philosophies related? Continue reading →

rutenso – the great power of tiny signs

As I discussed in the previous posting in this series (, rutenso is a philosophy for thriving in times of constant change.  It’s the power the makes the Solution-Focused (SF) approach so interesting and different.  One interesting aspect of working in environments where change is happening all the time is the big power of tiny signs. Continue reading →

rutenso – The art of thriving in times of constant change

Everyone knows that working in a Solutions Focus way involved focusing on solutions, right?  That’s the part that everyone gets.  Focus on the solution, not on the problem.  Well, that’s right, of course.  And… there is so much more to SF than this.  I have been thinking about how to convey all the other wonderful elements of what makes SF so different, and so effective in situations where other approaches don’t seem to gain traction.  So, here is my latest thinking on this – rutenso. Continue reading →

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