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SFCT review – the way to recognition as an SF consultant/coach

I have just completed my review for SFCT, the new professional body for SF consultants, coaches and trainers.  This process is akin to an accreditation, but rather like a driving test – can you demonstrate competence at using SF ideas in your work?  We have been trialling it since the launch of SFCT a couple of months ago, and the experience has been very interesting and positive for me.

The process starts by collecting documentation relating to a suitable piece of work – see here for the latest criteria. Basically it must cover at least nine customer contact hours – perhaps over a period of time. I chose a two-day workshop with a small art/craft-based business here in the UK, where they wanted to examine all kinds of aspects of their work. I collected information about the commissioning of the workshop, how we decided what to do, what actually happened, and some feedback from the customer. Most of this I already had – I added some personal reflections on how the event went, and also spent some time picking out ‘Clues’ – aspects of the work which showed it was solution-focused. Continue reading →

Important new paper: Inbetween, not inside or outside

Regular followers of my work may know that Harry Korman and I have been working on an epic paper about the radical simplicity of SF, following remarks I made to the plenary session of the EBTA conference in Bruges in 2007.  Chris Iveson was kind enough to mention it in the plenary at the UKASFP conference, in terms to looking at what we DON’T do as well as what wo do.  Well, it’s finally out in Journal of Systemic Therapies (following quite a lot of revision after the various peer reviewers comments), and you can read the final version at
The reference is McKergow MW and Korman H (2009), Journal of Systemic Therapies Vol 28 No 2 pp 34 – 49.
I’m pleased with this version – I think it’s better structured, and is a good attempt to say some things I’ve been trying to say for many years, only lacked the words and expertise to get it onto paper.  THIS is what I wish I’d been able to say in the Inbetween chapter of The Solutions Focus.  If you’d like to comment or react to the paper, either respond here or at

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