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Malmo ‘SF summit’ gathering 24-26 May 2010

I am just back from a very interesting three-day meeting in Malmo, Sweden. Bjorn Johansson and Eva Person of Clues decided some time ago to invite anyone interested in creating a better future for SF to gather and examine the issues, particularly connecting to academic connections and how we might continue to research and learn from what we do. Harry Korman, Gale Miller and I were invited to prepare some thoughts on key issues to get the discussions going. We were reminded that ‘summit’ is the top of a hill, and what we were doing was gathering to survey the view of the landscape from this particular hill.

22 people gathered at Harry and Jocelyne Korman’s offices in Malmo. Quite a few others had hoped to come, but were prevented from attending by family commitments, emergencies etc. Those present were drawn from many corners of the SF community – from therapy (including Harry K, Alasdair Macdonald, Peter Sundman), education (inc Michael Durrant, Kerstin Mahlberg, Sue Young), organisational work (inc Jenny and me, Kirsten Dierolf, Kati Hankovszky, Carey Glass), academia (inc Gale Miller and David Weber), managers and users of SF in Sweden and around the world (inc Jonas Wells, Stanus Kloete, Svea van der Hoorn) and others. Continue reading →

SOLWorld conference 2010 report

The 2010 SOLWorld conference was held last week in Bucharest, Romania. I have just returned from an exciting, thought-provoking and exhausting few days, and wanted to jot down a few thoughts about it all.

The event was held in two adjoining hotels (the Ramada Parc and Ramada Plaza) – this worked very well, with a big plenary room in one and nice workshops rooms in the other. We met on Wednesday evening for a buffet meal – always so many people to say hello and reconnect with. Thursday began with an opening session featuring some circle dancing (by all!) and meeting in buddy groups. We then had a good plenary on international cases, with three stories from Verlee Hendrickx (SF at work in a college in Belgium), Yozuru Yoshida (SF driving great improvements in Sumitomo Mitsui Bank in Japan) and George Agafitei (Romania). After lunch we had another plenary, this time on SF and SySt constellations with Petra Muller-Demary and Rita Klemmayer, who had us working with small objects to ‘step into the miracle’. Continue reading →

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