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The first SF research conference – University of Hertfordshire, 19-20 September 2013

SFCT-SiegelMark is very involved with setting up the first SF research conference. This two-day event is a co-production of SFCT and the University of Hertfordshire, and will take place on 19-20 September 2013.

The conference ( will present and build dialogues around these topics:

  • The future of therapeutic practice from non-pathologising, enactive and post-structural perspectives
    The latest research into Solution Focused (SF) work in all fields – therapy, social work, educational and organisational contexts
    Different conceptions of ‘theory’ and how it can play a role in the famously atheoretical world of SF practice
    Different modes of research which can be applied in this area
    Latest developments in enactive, embodied and narrative thinking
    Issues for future policy in health and other circles
    Further ways to develop connections between academic s and practitioners for the benefit of all concerned.

Invited speakers already attending include:

Dr Alasdair Macdonald (former research co-ordinator, EBTA) The fast-expanding field of SF outcome research
Prof Dan Hutto (University of Hertfordshire): Radical enactivism and narrative practice
Prof Gale Miller (Marquette University, Milwaukee)
Prof Janet Bavelas (University of Victoria) Microanalysis of therapeutic conversations
Chris Iveson (BRIEF, London) From solution to description
Michael Durrant (University of Sydney)
Dr Mark McKergow: SF work and the emergence of narrative
Rayya Ghul (Canterbury Christchurch University) Research methodologies
Dr Daniele Moyal-Sharrock (University of Hertfordshire) SF work as applied Wittgenstein

We are asking for abstracts by 15 June 2013, and there are good early bird discounts for booking before 20 July 2013. Plan now to join this exciting new initiative. Full details on how to join us at .

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