Monthly Archives: December, 2011

Never mind the gap: solution-focused training needs analysis

I just received a query about how to use SF thinking in producing a training needs analysis:

Mark, I need to outline how we would go about developing a ‘needs analysis’ for a big coaching project we are bidding for with a major potential client.  My experience with these is that they are essentially gap analysis tools which runs right against the SF approach.  Are you aware of anything that might have been written up that provides an SF approach to this?  I would really like to be able put up an alternative approach that achieves better outcomes than the traditional gap based needs analysis. Continue reading →

rutenso – the great power of tiny signs

As I discussed in the previous posting in this series (, rutenso is a philosophy for thriving in times of constant change.  It’s the power the makes the Solution-Focused (SF) approach so interesting and different.  One interesting aspect of working in environments where change is happening all the time is the big power of tiny signs. Continue reading →

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