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Benefits from attending SF Professional

We had a great time this week at the third module of the SF Professional course.  As always, the 10-strong group formed great bonds and working relationships as they supported each other by coaching, reflecting, sharing ideas and affirming.  It always amazes me quite how much energy and strength develops when people use SF processes in a concerted way.

One of our activities in module 3 is to design and implement an SF evaluation of the programme.  Continue reading →

FREE webinar with Mark on Wed 24 March 2010 – SF and the SF Professional training

Our latest FREE webinar is a one-hour introduction to SF, the SF community and the SF Professional course for coaches, consultants, leaders and managers.  Space is limited – only 15 seats available.  Mark McKergow himself will lead the session.  More details of the Webinar are at  More details on the SF Professional training are at  Remember the Early Bird discount for this course runs until 30 March, so make sure you book by then for the best deal. 

Reserve your Webinar seat now by emailing with ‘Webinar’ in the subject line. We will the send you the login details. You will need an internet computer AND a telephone to participate.

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