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Swedish edition of The Solutions Focus

I am thrilled to say that, more than eight years after initial publication, The Solutions Focus is still appearing in other languages. As well as Italian and Lithuanian projects underway, I am delighted to announce that a Swedish translation is now on the market! It’s called Losningsfokerat Lederskap (literally ‘Solution-Focused Leadership’, ISBN 978-91-977651-1-4, and has been translated by our very good friends Kerstin Måhlberg and Maud Sjöblom. More details and ordering at

Coaching At Work magazine – Mark on a difficult case

sfwork’s Mark McKergow is featured in the current issue of Coaching At Work magazine ( In the Troubleshooter column, a difficult case is presented and expert responses are sought. Here’s the problem:

A colleague who knows you specialise in career coaching has recommended you to a senior academic in a leading university. The university has a large deficit and will have to retrench. Eight posts are being whittled down to three to form a new executive team and all the current post-holders have been invited to apply. There is no time for a proper ‘chemistry meeting’ but you have a phone call with the client about what he needs to get out of the four sessions. The client becomes distressed and tells you agitatedly about a campaign of personal vilification that he believes has been directed against him and that his newly-appointed boss is a dyed in the wool feminist who ‘can’t tolerate male rivals’. He also describes having applied for three other jobs in the last year, getting shortlisted with no difficulty but failing to get any of the jobs. Continue reading →

J-SOL 3 conference report, Tokyo, 26-27 June 2010

Next stop from Bali for us was Japan, and a series of workshops and events culminating in the third J-SOL conference in Tokyo. Jenny and I arrived in Fukuoka, on the southern Japanese island of Kyushu, to do a one-day workshop about ‘Create your better future with SF’. We were very well hosted by Hiro Ikawa and his friend Megumi, had excellent Sushi with Dr Toh and sampled late-night tonkotsu-ramen – noodles in pork broth, absolutely delicious!

We wento on by bullet train to Kyoto for a one-day workshop on ‘Organisational Development the SF way’. We met lots of old friends and some new ones here, looked at how SF fits with the OD scene as it is at the moment (rather well!), saw how SF fits with a complex systems perspective and worked live with a challenging situation at a hospital. This case was a great example of ‘what’s wanted is NOT the opposite of what’s wrong’. The problem was about nurses and doctors leaving during their training period – too many did so. Signs of the Future Perfect, however, were all about the PATIENTS feeling cared for, well looked after, and telling the nurses and doctors about it – a real shift of focus. Continue reading →

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