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New SF journal InterAction – first issue

Last week saw an important moment in the development of SF as an international movement with an ever-wider reach.  The journal Interaction was launched, the first academic puInterAction 1-1 coverblication to focus on the SF approach in organisational work.  The journal is part of the exciting new SFCT organisation ( – more about that in a later post.

I must here reveal a personal interest – I am on the editorial team of InterAction, along with my SFCT colleagues Kirsten Dierolf, Anton Stellamans and Carey Glass.  We have an excellent Editorial Advisory Board to help us (details of them are at  Continue reading →

SOLWorld conference 2009 review

Just back from the SOLWorld 2009 conference on the holiday island of Texel, the Netherlands.  We had a record 171 participants this year in this, the eighth international conference about SF practice in organisations.  Even better, they came from 20 countries, including a 10-strong Japanese contingent.  The organising team led by Bert Garssen did a great job, and were not helped by the wet and windy weather which blew through from time to time.   You can read the conference programme etc at

We had a great plenary session led by Louis Cauffman from Belgium on the second day, featuring four cases of SF applications in real organisational and business settings.  Continue reading →

New article Gathering Know-how for Improved Performance

Another in Mark’s series of articles for the manager-as-coach has appeared in Coaching At Work magazine.  You can read about how to gather know-how in an SF way – a great skill with wide possibilities for application – at

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