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SF Negotiation – FREE white paper and special offer

SF Negotiation, Central London, 30 June / 20 July 2010

Negotiation – it’s something most of us approach with some trepidation. After all, there can be a lot of money or an important relationship at stake.

Now you can apply the positive power of Solutions Focus to negotiations – confidently building results and relationships at the same time. We have found great benefits in all the everyday conversations of business and management as well as when clinching crucial deals.

Sometimes you can negotiate quickly. Sometimes you can get what you really want. And sometimes you know you’ve built a good solid working relationship. But how often can you get all three? Continue reading →

Conflict Coaching evening: 26 May 2010, Newcastle

An event for everyone in the North East of England: sfwork’s Antoinette Oglethorpe will be leading an evening introduction to conflict coaching with her PARTNER model. The event is organised by the Association for Coaching, and is at the Newcastle Marriott Gosforth Park on Wednesday 26 May 2010, 6.30pm start. Click here for more details.

Holacracy – organising with Dynamic Steering, not Predict and Control

I have just completed a very interesting online course (four 3-hour sessions over two weeks) in Holacracy – an exciting new way of organising.  I use the verb ‘organising’ carefully here, as one of the most interesting aspects of Holacracy is the way it embraces continuous change and movement, with careful language and structured processes that embrace and utilise the change that’s inevitably happening.

Holacracy (the word comes from holarchy, not holistic or holon) is described as a ‘new operating system’ of organisations.   It’s been pioneered by Brian Robertson and his colleagues Holacracy One (, and is a total approach to how people can organise in pursuit of a purpose.   This includes moving away from both the shareholder AND stakeholder approaches towards a system of interlinking circles (of people) using some very specific practices to find workable ways forward that everyone in the circle can agree with – at least for now. Continue reading →

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