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Audio blog from intercultural coaching event

I has the honour to speak at the SIETAR event ( in London yesterday for intercultural consultants and coaches. The event was excellent – solution focused coaching was the theme and four speakers all talking about different aspects and a broad range of intercultural work. During the lunch break I did a short interview with Barbara Gibson, which she recorded on her iPhone using an app called ipadio. You can hear the audio at The app looks really neat, I will be experimenting with it soon – perhaps during our upcoming visit to Canada next week.

Radically enhance your SF practice – Mark talks about the next SF Professional training starting 27-28 April

Mark McKergow on the next (and tenth) running of the great Solutions Focus Professional course starting 27-28 April 2010 at Missenden Abbey in the UK – the premier course for managers, coaches and consultants wanting to build positive change for themselves, their organisations and their clients.  Full details of the course at

SF strategy at the BBC – “coping with the complexities of an uncertain future”

A new download from our articles page is available now!  Read about sfwork’s Bruce Woodings and his work with the BBC Performing Groups (symphony orchestras and chorus) as reported in Classical Music magazine.  Bruce skilfully uses the power of the SF approach to help this group cope with the complexities of an uncertain future, and deliver results beyond the expectations of those involved at the outset.  Download the articles (7MB pdf). 

This is an example of our consulting work with senior executives.  We use the power of SF, our long experience of both public and private sector organisations, and brilliant facilitation skills to help you tackle serious issues in an engaging and positive way.  Call 08453 707145 to talk to one of our consulting team about YOUR tough situation.

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