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Biological explanations better for change than psychological explanations

We’ve just finished the Cheltenham Science Festival here – an excellent event with dozens of talks, events, debates, mad experiments and other events.  One of my highlights this year was the session on Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, featuring two scientists and a recovering OCD sufferer talking about what’s known and what’s being researched about OCD.  There was general agreement that cognitive behavioural therapy was well proved with such cases, and the lady who had suffered with OCD spoke very movingly about her journey to a better life.

Professor Paul M Salkovskis from Kings College London ( talked about his reseach programme.  Continue reading →

SF Negotiation – the new ‘Getting To Yes’

Shakya Kumara and I ran our latest SF negotiation course last week at Missenden.  This was a public course, and even though we had a small group it seemed to me as if the material and ideas are coming together very well indeed.  Shakya has built on all the great work of Fisher and Ury from Getting To Yes and their subsequent books, refined the messages and added extra oomph in the way of SF ideas and processes.

The participants worked on a variety of scenarios and also brought some cases and negotiations of their own.  We worked on a sales negotiation as one of the examples, which was a great success – in particular for the person concerned!  By the end of the two days we had figured out that this is not just a negotiation training, but something for anyone entering a difficult set of discussions where a good outcome is sought for all parties.  Continue reading →

SFCT and SOLWorld – different kinds of organisation

SFCT logoSince we announced the launch of SFCT a couple of weeks ago, I have had one or two questions about how this may or may not affect the SOLWorld organisation, conferences and other events.  This seems like a good time to clarify a few things, so that rumours don’t ‘fester into facts’ (as Robin Williams says in the movie Dead Poets Society).

The founders of SFCT – 13 people from Europe, America and Asia – are all key members of SOLWorld and have been involved in the organisation of every SOLWorld event up to 2009.  We hope we have been very careful to construct a different kind of organisation in SFCT.   Continue reading →

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