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Real-world case update – SF at ABC Life Literacy Canada

We’ve been working with Alan Kay in Canada for over ten years now, and I was delighted to see this video on Youtube. It features Margarate Eaton of ABC Life Literacy – an organisation which promotes adult literacy over there. We trained Margaret some years ago, and she’s really using SF in a great way. Take a look – it’s just a few minutes long. Continue reading →

Clean language: why their words are more useful then yours…

I was invited to speak at the Inspired2Learn conference in Devizes a couple of weeks ago.  Amongst the other presenters were Lynne Cooper and Mariette Castellino, who have been developing the ‘clean language’ approach of David Grove and latterly Penny Tompkins and James Lawley into a very usable short coaching format – the Five-Minute Coach.

Like good teachers, Lynne and Mariette had us using the ideas right away in the session, with a carefully scripted set of coaching questions. The grammar looks a little strange at first, it’s NOT everyday conversational grammer, and very clearly told to stick to the instructions – a cry I frequently make of those learning SF.  To give a flavour, it started like this: Continue reading →

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