Monthly Archives: September, 2011

Join the Happiness Challenge – building better workplaces in Bristol (starts Nov 9)

I have been working with the very splendid Happy City initiative ( in Bristol.  Mike and Liz Zeidler and their colleagues are seeking to build a happier city by applying various happiness initiative and ideas, from various sources including postitive psychology and appreciative inquiry.  They are also big fans of SF, and were very keen to work with SF ideas in their latest development, the Happiness Challenge.  Continue reading →

Stephen Josephs and ‘Dragons At Work’ – using rutenso to move from worrier to warrior

My Transformational Leadership Council colleague Stephen Josephs has launched an interesting new online project, Dragons At Work (  ).  Stephen is a great master of Daoist thinking and meditation, amongst many other things, and Dragons At Work promises to show an unfolding story of how these ancient yet relevant ideas can come to the aid of a stressed executive in the 21st century. Continue reading →

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