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TED Fellows coaching event in New Orleans – SF facilitation in action

Many of you will know of the wonderful TED organisation ( with their high-octane conferences and free web-talks all focusing on ‘ideas worth spreading’.   A lesser known feature of TED is the TED Fellows programme – support for brilliant young scientists, artists, activists and thinkers, often from the developing world.  Each year some 1200 people apply for just 20 places on the Fellows programme, and you can see details of them at reading →

Interview with Cheryl Esposito on Leading Conversations Radio – listen now

Leading Conversations Radio features weekly conversations with leadership thinkers, writers and developers.  The show is introduced by Cheryl Esposito and has hosted many top people – Peter Senge appears in a couple of weeks time.  But before that… you can hear sfwork’s Mark McKergow!  Mark’s three part interview covers many topics including Solutions Focus, the implications of rutenso thinking (change is happening all the time), and the leader as host metaphor.  Mark also offers his thoughts, as a recovering nuclear power station physicist, on the recent incidents in Japan (recorded a few days after the tsunami).   Tune in now to hear how Mark’s work connects with Cheryl and her worldwide leadership audience. Tune in via .

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