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NEW online Host Leadership course with Mark McKergow

We’re very excited to announce the launch of this new online learning opportunity with Mark!

You can learn about Host Leadership and how to use it with your own team, organisation or community right now with Ideas For Leaders new online Host Leadership course.

In this accessible and engaging video-based course, Host co-author Dr Mark McKergow takes us through the background to the metaphor and model of Host Leadership, and a deeper dive into the useful and innovative Six Roles and Four Positions of a host leader.

There are eight modules, each consisting of three 5-7 minute video sections. The videos contain specially created animations and graphics to help you learn, remember and apply the ideas of Host Leadership. Mark also presents some short activities for you to do to relate the ideas to your own situation. There are also further reading suggestions, links and ways to continue your development after the course.

Use code HL-LAUNCHMONTH20 to get 20% off the course until the end of November 2022.

See more information, watch Mark talk about the course, see an excerpt from one of the modules and register at:

“In Mark’s new course, he becomes the guide by your side while you’re exploring Host Leadership. I thoroughly enjoyed how he combined a sociable, motivating tone with precise wording, and luckily, his reflective questions exercises about my own practice stopped any possibility of thinking ‘I’ve-already-been-there-done-that’ dead in its tracks.”

Rolf F Katzenberger, facilitator and team coach, Pragmatic Teams

“Mark McKergow pioneered the concept of “Host Leadership”. This course is a welcome and needed enhancement to the subject. Whether you have read his book and want to embed the ideas in yourself and your organisation, or you want to dive straight into this intuitive yet (for some) elusive concept, this course is an excellent option to choose. Not only does Mark bring expertise in the subject area, he is also a skilled, good humoured and experienced communicator and trainer. I strongly recommend the course – understanding how to be a host leader will give you added impact in both personal and professional settings.”

Richard Lucas, Founder TEDx Kazimierz 

Host Leadership course logo

Work with Mark McKergow during Autumn/Fall 2022

SFWork’s Autumn 2022 programme featured events to help you work with Solutions Focus and Host Leadership, including a new online self-paced course launching on Monday 26 September. 

My brand new online course in Host Leadership, created with Ideas For Leaders as part of their Mast Mentor programme, launches on Monday 26 September. Join me and I4L’s Roddy Millar at the online launch event – 5pm UK time. Register now for a 25% launch discount on the course. The course is self-paced, you do it in your own time and relate the ideas to your own organisation. Join us to celebrate!

Starting 23 October: SF Business Professional online certificate course with the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.  This sixteen-week course is the premier way to learn the in and outs of using Solution Focused methods in organisational settings – for coaches, facilitators, leaders, change agents and managers. More details on the SFWork website. Last chance for at least a year!

Starting Tuesday 1 November: Hosting Generative Change. By popular demand, my online course for OD professionals, facilitators, consultants, and indeed anyone wanting to bring people together to build innovative and generative change. This is part of a series of programmes on Dialogic OD co-produced by the Bushe-Marshak Institute and the Cape Cod Institute. My programme is Hosting Generative Change and runs in four sessions in November 2022, (1, 3, 8 and 15Nov) at 4pm-8pm UK time.
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