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Affirms as emotional reframes – latest thoughts

I am just back from the Transformational Leadership Council meeting in Puerto Rico (  This is a great group of top people in the personal and organisational change fields, who meet to learn together, share their latest and greatest and generally hang out in a relaxed and informal environment.  Membership is strictly by invitation only, and I was staggered at being elected to membership in 2006.  It’s been really fascinating to join with people like Jack Canfield, Stephen MR Covey, John Gray (Mars/Venus), Lynne Twist (Pachamama Alliance), Howard Martin (HeartMath) and many others, as a colleague and friend.  Continue reading →

sfwork’s 2010 menu now available

Our 2010 menu of services, products, courses, activities and offerings is now available at  How can we help YOU this year?

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