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rutenso – The art of thriving in times of constant change

Everyone knows that working in a Solutions Focus way involved focusing on solutions, right?  That’s the part that everyone gets.  Focus on the solution, not on the problem.  Well, that’s right, of course.  And… there is so much more to SF than this.  I have been thinking about how to convey all the other wonderful elements of what makes SF so different, and so effective in situations where other approaches don’t seem to gain traction.  So, here is my latest thinking on this – rutenso. Continue reading →

SFCT Trainers Conference 28-29 October 2011

We are delighted to be involved with organising the first SF trainers conference in six years.  The event will be held at Bad Soden, Germany (near Frankfurt) on 28-29 October 2011.  SFCT ( is inviting trainers from all fields of SF to gather and share methods, ideas and perspectives.  We already know that many of the most innovative SF trainers will be there: Liselotte Baiejeart, Jenny Clarke, Louis Cauffman,  Kirsten Dierolf , Ben Furman, Kati Hankovszky, Björn Johansson,  Alan Kay ,Mark McKergow, Eva Persson, Peter Röhrig, Peter Szabo… Continue reading →

SF for multicultural virtual teams – 5-6 May 2011, Budapest

We have an exciting new venture starting later this year.  sfwork, in partnership with leading London-based cross-cultural specialists Coghill Beery, will be offering a new workshop – Solutions Focus for Cultural Diversity.  The event is promoted by the Society for Organisational Learning Hungary, and we hope to attract participants from across Europe to Budapest for the workshop on 5-6 May 2011. 

Research shows that while poorly-managed multicultural teams fare worse than average, similar but well-managed teams do much better.  This confirms the idea that the diversity present in a multi-cultural team can be used to advantage, as long as the manager has the tools to do so.  SF offers a wonderful set of practical tools to achieve this end.  We will also be looking at the impact of virtual working with multi-cultural teams – a huge and growing issue for many businesses. 

Full details are on the SoL Hungary website at , or use the short link .  There you can find details, a pdf and a booking form.

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