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FREE webinar 4 November now with online booking

Our next Discover Solutions Focus webinar will be held using new software that allows online booking.  All you need to do is click on the link and you’ll be enrolled, receive full details of how to dial in and log in, and even get reminders a day and an hour before the event.  The next webinar is Wednesday 4th November 2009 at 18.00 GMT (UK time).  For full details and to book online with a single click, go to

This is an excellent opportunity to introduce colleagues and friends to the powerful and positive SF approach – and they get to hear about it directly from Dr Mark McKergow himself.  Please pass news of this wonderful FREE webinar opportunity to others.  Continue reading →

Art of Hosting: Very interesting meta-method of change practice

As a practicing consultant, coach and facilitator I always try to keep developing myself by attending trainings and other events from time to time.  Within the SF world this is not always easy – after 17 years I feel as if I’ve seen quite a lot.  Some of you will know of my recent work on developing the idea of Leader as Host, and part of my research led me to the Art of Hosting group (

Art of Hosting (AoH) is a movement that started – by this name – some five years ago.  It is not a new approach or method of change.  Rather, it is an approach which emphasises the importance of getting people into a good space with good ‘wicked’ questions that they care about – and then getting out of the way as much as possible and allowing useful dialogue to emerge.  This is explicitly a part of the post-modern strand of thinking – change happens in dialogue, dialogue is emergent, people don’t need help so much as a space in which to help themselves.  If this all sounds rather like SF… that’s because the overall philosophies have a good deal in common.  AoH is now being used in some very interesting places., including the European Commission. Continue reading →

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