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Health Service Journal – praise for sfwork

Our recent SF Coaching for Leaders work with Avon & Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust (AWP) has been written up in the NHS journal.  The article, entitled The Keys To Unlock Leadership, talks about how managers reported ‘spending less time on problems and “why it’s not fair”, a decrease in anxiety and an increase in ability and action’.  They also noticed a ripple effect with their colleagues.  AWP have gone on to commission sfwork to continue to develop AWP staff, with nearly 100 top managers scheduled to participate by the middle of 2010. 

Download the article at (2MB jpg).

Praise from Prof Danièle Moyal-Sharrock and the British Wittgenstein Society!

My paper with Kirsten Dierolf on the Grammar of Neuroscience (published in the SFCT journal InterAction and available for free download at has come to the attention of Professor Danièle Moyal-Sharrock (  at the University of Hertfordshire and founder of the British Wittgenstein Society.  She is a Wittgenstein specialist, and commented in an email that the article “shows an impressive understanding and an innovative application of Wittgensteinian concerns and approach in organisations”.  

Even better, she agreed to join the Editorial Advisory Board of InterAction and invited us (me, Kirsten and anyone else from the SF community who is interested) to join the British Wittgenstein Society.  Needless to say, Kirsten and I jumped at the chance.  More on the BWS at – Kirsten and I are off to their Autumn lecture by Professor Rom Harré (another philosopher relevant to SF developments) in November.

Two new articles – SF leadership and improving poor performance

I’m delighted to announce two new articles on the sfwork Articles page at

No More Heroes (from Coaching at Work, September 2009) – Leaders are finding that a traditional directive approach no longer gets the job done. Could solution-focused coaching be the answer in these more ambiguous times?  Mark McKergow and Mike Brent (Ashridge Business School) report.  Read the article at

Another in my series on ‘Manager As Coach’ – this time on handling poor performance by finding what’s working.  One of the most frequent questions I am asked when introducing Solutions Focused coaching is about how to handle poor performers. “This idea of building on what’s working is all very well when things are OK – but what about when their work is simply not acceptable?”  Read the article at

Latest FREE webinar dates – Oct and Nov 2009

Our popular FREE webinars continue in October and November, with two more chances to Discover SF with Dr Mark McKergow himself.  You’ll be able to talk to Mark and see & hear a presentation about SF and its position in the realm of change approaches, experience  SF in action and find out about the many different applications of the SF philosophy.  The new dates are:

  • Tuesday 6 October, 15.00 British Summer Time
  • Wednesday 4 November, 18.00 Greenwich Mean Time (as the clocks will have gone back by then)

You can find more details of these free webinars at

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