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McKergow Quarterly 4 – SF and the Asian connection

ImageThe McKergow Quarterly #4 is out – download it now 

The fourth edition of the McKergow Quarterly is out now, packed with useful information and new developments.  This time we’re focusing on SF and Asian connections in several different ways:

  • How does SF match up with Asian cultures?
  • SF, rutenso and the aftermath of the 2011 tsunami
  • SF and kaizen – not all small steps are equal
  • Managers (not consultants) lead the way in Japan
  • J-SOL 5 report – the fifth Japanese SF conference
  • Book focus: Buy The Solutions Focus in Chinese, Japanese or Korean Continue reading →

SF and rutenso in the aftermath of the Japanese tsunami

As regular readers may know, I have connections with many SF users in Japan.  These ‘solutions’ (now a Japanese word!) are working in all kinds of setting from corporate to community building.  Several have been involved directly in the aftermath of the 2011 tsunami, working with survivors and those who’ve lost their homes.

Yuzuru Yoshida(pictured right with me at J-SOL 5 this year, along with ‘rutenso’ beautifully caligraphed by Shobun Setsu) has worked as a chief trainer and manager with Sumitomo Bank for many years.  He was very touched by the resonance between SF, my idea of rutuso, the art of thriving in times of constant change ( and his observations of the Japanese ways of looking at the tsunami and what’s to happen next.  He writes: Continue reading →

Learning SF – latest online class starts 15 September 2012

You may have read something about the Solution Focused approach, perhaps even tried it out… but how to get first-class learning in applying SF thinking and practice to your work?  Mark McKergow’s latest online course, SF Business Professional, is starting on 15 September 2012.  Run in association with the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee (the home of SF therapy), the class brings together people from all over the world in discussion, activities, practice, reading, coaching, project work and exploring SF thinking as well as practice in the organisational world.  Continue reading →

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